Посмотри картинку.прочитай список вещей.запиши чего нет в комнате

1 Speaking about seasons and the weather

picnic, weather, fly, warm, like

Jill: What’s the weather like today?
Jim: It’s warm and sunny.
Jill: Would you like to go to the park and have a picnic?

Jim: Of course. I can fly my kite there.

^ 4. Составь предложения из слов.

Example: Jim, will, have, picnic, a, Jill, and. – Jim and Jill will have a picnic.
1) will, a, kite, fly, Jim. - Jim will fly a kite.
2) play, won’t, He, football. – He won’t play football.
3) will, hide-and-seek, dog, play, her, Jill, with. – Jill will play hide-and-seek with her dog.
4) they, Will, badminton, play, park, the, in. – Will they play badminton in the park?
5) will, go, Where, they. – Where will they go?

^ 5. Прочитай вопросы и кратко ответь на них.

Example: Do you like summer? – Yes, I do.
1) Can you ride a bike? – Yes, I can.
2) Do you like to play hide-and-seek? – Yes, I do.
3) Does Jill like picnics? – Yes, she does.
4) Has Jim got a dog? – Yes, he has.
5) Will they play football in the park? – No, they won’t.
6) Are they students? – Yes, they are.
7) is Jill sad today? – No, she isn’t.

6. Прочитай письмо, посмотри на рисунки и впиши недостающие слова.
Dear Jill and Jim,

In January I’ll go to Russia. It will be cold and snowy in winter. I’ll toboggan and play snowballs. I’ll make a funny snowman. I’ll ski in the park. I won’t skate because I can’t.

In the evening I’ll tell my Russian friends New Year fairy tales.
Would you like to go to Russia with me?

Enjoying your home

Section 1. Describing your house

  1. Заполни кроссворд и в выделенных клетках ты прочитаешь слово. Правильно подобрать слово тебе помогут предложения.

  1. Tiny usually has his breakfast at 9 o’clock .

  2. There is a big window in the house.

  3. Sit at the ^ table and write the letter.

  4. We can play chess well.

  5. Simon’s house is small but nice.

  6. There are two big bedrooms in my flat.

  7. They put old things (вещи) in their pantry.

Получилось слово kitchen

  1. Прочитай слова в транскрипции. Напиши их.

Example: [ru:m] – room

[haʊs] – house ['lɪvɪŋru:m] – livingroom

[`pӕntrɪ] – pantry [`dᴐ:] – door

[`bɑ:θrʊm] – bathroom [`kɪʧǝn] – kitchen

  1. ^ Переведи на английский язык.

жить в одной комнате с братом – to share a room with one’s brother

в квартире – in a flat

в доме – in a house

большая гостиная – a big living room

маленькая кухня – a small kitchen

два окна – two windows

  1. Расставь слова в правильном порядке и запиши предложения.

  1. Are, There, two, in, flat, our, bedrooms. – There are two bedrooms in our flat.

  2. living room, is, nice, There, a, his, house, in. - There is a nice living room in his house.

  3. no, flat, our, There, pantries, are, in. - There are no pantries in our flat.

  4. a, my, flat, in, is, bathroom, There, nice. – There is a nice bathroom in my flat.

  5. TV, in, no, There, my, is, room. – There is no TV in my room.

  1. Расставь фразы, чтобы получился разговор Джилл и Энн.

Jill: Do you live in a new flat?

Jill: How many rooms have you got ?

Ann: We have got three rooms, a kitchen and a pantry.

Jill: Have you got a room of your own?

Ann: No, I haven’t.

I share a room with my sister.

  1. Напиши о своей квартире / доме. Используй эти вопросы как план.

I live in a house with my mum, dad and a little sisters. We have got three rooms, a kitchen and a pantry. I haven’t got my own room. I share it with my sister. Our room is big and nice. Section 2. What is there in your room?

  1. Посмотри на картинку и напиши, какие предметы здесь изображены.

a lamp, a clock, a chair, an armchair, a bed, a carpet, a picture, a bookshelf, a TV, a sofa.

  1. Какое слово лишнее. Зачеркни его.

1) flat, living room, clock, kitchen, hall

2) sofa, armchair, table, bed, wall

3) enjoy, want, share, nice. live

9. Вставь пропущенные слова is или are .

Example: There are three rooms in my flat.

  1. There is a nice woman in the kitchen.

  2. Is there an old armchair in Tiny’s house? – Yes? There is.

  3. There are five shelves with interesting books in his room.

  4. There are no clocks in the living room.

  5. There is a sofa, a table and three chairs in the living room.

10. Расставь слова в нужном порядке. Запиши предложения и прочитай их вслух. Example: small, got, have, a, I, flat. – I have got a small flat.

  1. is, a, big, There, window, bedroom, in, my. – There is a big window in my bedroom.

  2. are, no, house, our, in, pantries, there. – There are no pantries in our house.

  3. a, with, shares, He, room, friend, his. – He shares a room with his friend.

  4. his, Is, hall, in, a, flat, there. – Is there a hall in his flat?

  5. you, a, own, Have, rooms, got, of, your. – Have you got a room of your own?

11. Запиши вопросы, на которые отвечала Джилл. Example: There are three windows in the room. – Are there any windows in the room?

  1. There is a nice picture on the table. – Is there a picture on the table?

  2. There are a lot of postcards on the table. – Are there any postcards on the table?

  3. There is a new computer in the room. – Is there a computer in the room?

  4. There are a lot of old things in the pantry. – Are there any things in the pantry?

12. Посмотри на картинку. Прочитай список вещей. Запиши, чего нет в комнате. Example: There is no carpet in the room.

  1. There is no clock in the room.

  2. There are no pictures in the room.

  3. There are no computers in the room.

  4. There is no fireplace in the room.

  5. There is no TV in the room.

Section 3. Home sweet home

12. Выбери и обведи нужный предлог.

Example: There is a picture on / in / at the wall.

  1. There are a lot from / of / on books on the shelf.

  2. There are chairs next to / in / on the fireplace.

  3. There is a computer at /on / in the desk.

  4. There is a new carpet at /on / of the floor.

  5. There is a big poster on / at / in the wall.

  6. Have you got a walkman of / from / with your own?

^ 13. Напиши названия:

1) пяти предметов мебели, которые тебе необходимы в комнате.

a table, a chair, a bed, a desk, a shelf

2) пяти предметов мебели, без которых ты можешь обойтись.

An armchair, a fireplace, a sofa, a picture, a TV

^ 15. Прочитай рассказ Дэна. Вставь артикли a и the, где это необходимо.

My name is Dan. I haven’t got a room of my own. I share it with my little brother Sam. There is a round table at the window. There are three chairs at the table. The fourth chair is at the wall. There is a sofa, a bed, a big clock, and a lot of toys in our room. There is no TV in the room. We like to play in our room.

^ 16. Вставь пропущенные слова is ил are .

1) There is a big grey carpet on my floor.

2) There are three windows in our living room.

3) There are a lot of books on the shelves.

4) There is a nice armchair in Tiny’s house.

5) There are no chairs in my bedroom.

^ 17. Переведи на английский язык.

на полу – on the floor

в левом углу – in the left corner

в правом углу – in the right corner

под кроватью – under the bed

над столом – above the table

за креслом – behind the armchair

между диваном и пианино – between the sofa and the piano

^ 18. Выбери нужное слово. Обведи соответствующую букву.
Jill and Jim … breakfast at 7.40 am.

a) eat b) have c) do

1) He doesn’t like to … his hands and face.

a) wash b) watch c) clean

2) The children … TV in the evening.

a) see b) look c) watch

3) The children usually … to bed at 9 pm.

a) go b) do c) run
4) I … my homework in my room.

a) have b) do c) make
^ 19. Расшифруй пословицу, которую Тайни любит часто повторять. Первая цифра показывает, из какого ряда взята буква, вторая – какая по счёту эта буква в ряду.

a) wash my homework

watch my face and hands

do to bed

  1. 1) I have breakfast in the kitchen.

2) I wash my face and hands in the bathroom.

3) I watch TV in the living room.

4) I do my homework in my room.

5) I go to bed in my bedroom.

^ 2. Посмотри на картинки и помоги Тайни найти, где спрятались его друзья. Обведи нужный предлог.

1) Jack is on / under the sofa.

2) Billy is under / above the table.

3) Martin is behind / between the chair and the armchair.

4) Rocky is above / under the table.

5) Wendy is under / behind the armchair.

6) Dino is next to / above the clock.

3. Прочитай предложения и вставь is или are.

Example: There are two windows in the living room.

  1. There is a kitchen and three bedrooms in the house.

  2. There is no picture in the hall.

  3. Is there a pantry in the house? – Yes, there are two pantries.

  4. Are there any books in the bedroom?

^ 4. Запиши краткие ответы на вопросы. Example: Is there a kitchen in your flat? – Yes, there is.

  1. Is there a bathroom in your flat? – Yes, there is.

  2. Is there a bed in your room? – Yes, there is.

  3. Are there any chairs in your room? – Yes, there are.

  4. Is there a fireplace in your living room? – Yes, there is.

  5. Are there any pictures in the hall? – Yes, there are.

^ 5. Прочитай, посмотри на рисунки и впиши недостающие слова.

Sam lives with his mother and his father in a small house. There is a bedroom, a living room, Sam’s room and a kitchen in the house. Sam’s room isn’t big.
There is a bed, a chair, a desk (a table) and a new computer in his room. There is a funny clock on the bookshelf. There is a big box with toys next to the window.

Sam likes to play with his toys on the carpet. Sam can draw very well. There are a lot of pictures on the wall of his room.

Being happy in the country and in the city

Section 1. We like the place we live

  1. Расставь буквы в правильном порядке и напиши слова.

i, e, f, d, l – field

r, v, i, r, e – river

r, b, i, g, d, e – bridge

r, a, g, e, d, n – garden

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